• Leadership & Culture Coaching for Startups & Investors

  • Who Am I?

    Elemental Team is basically Janine Davis :). This was my personal coaching site before I became a Partner with Evolution, which does leadership and culture coaching for startups and high growth companies. Evolution's clients including Slack, Change.Org, Tile, and many others. We follow the model of I/We/It - coach the leader (I), the team/company (We) and integrate that into the operations of the company (It). Now that I'm with Evolution, this site just gives a bit more depth on my coaching style and areas of specialization.


    I tend to go deep and try to get to the essence of the leader or company. It's not about me telling you what to do (Mentoring), nor doing deep dives into your past (Therapy). That said, where you are now and where you are going is inherently predicated by who you have been and where you came from. There will absolutely be times when realizations come through in coaching, with deep connections to your past. But rather than digging deeply into that past, we will use those realizations as a launching pad towards effecting change.


    My ideal clients are those that are natural evolvers. Those who are willing to do the work necessary to be the best leader they can be, so they can in turn support the creation of the most inspirational companies.

    Areas of Specialization & Focus

    • Entrepreneurs/Founders/Investors - if you swim in startup waters, we are a good match - think Richard and Laurie on Silicon Valley
    • Corporate Culture, Organization and Group Dynamics - think everyone on The Walking Dead
    • Women in Business - think Peggy on Mad Men
    • Leadership –  you name it, we can tackle it - improvement of presence, organization, team management, delegation, and other leadership skills – think Joffrey on Game of Thrones
    • Pitch Coaching - think anyone who goes on Shark Tank
  • What Drives Me?

    Values & Passions



    • Golden rule
    • Level the playing field
    • Personal freedom & choice
    • Practice what you preach
    • Do what you say you're going to do
    • Be real, honest, trusting and trustworthy
    • Your way is your way, not the way


    • Natural curiosity about people
    • Wit - the dryer, the better
    • Helping others to find their creativity, passion and purpose
    • Creatures (especially dogs, horses, dolphins & mini-donks)
    • Unique thinkers and unique thoughts
    • The Ocean
    • Words
    • Connecting
    • Music
  • The Imperative for Culture & Leadership Coaching

    The Head Reason: There are copious articles, studies and models proving the efficacy and impact of Leadership and Culture Coaching. Employee engagement, which is a direct result of strong leadership and a strong culture, is critical to an organization’s long-term financial success. Without those two things, you might see quarterly spikes in financial returns, but over the long haul, you’ll see high turnover, low productivity and decreased profits. Here are some studies to back that up:



    The Heart Reason: Most of us spend the bulk of our time at work. Leaders have the unique ability and privilege to model evolutionary self-awareness, which can impact their entire system of stakeholders. Your role as a leader is to create a culture which supports those stakeholders in thriving, and you do this by developing your self-awareness, walking the talk, and providing compassionate and meaningful feedback. This will allow each stakeholder to shine in their own way, for the good of the overall system. Your stakeholders, in turn, raise the overall consciousness of our species, to bring it into better balance. As our world wrestles with volatility of the disconnect between consciousness and technical capabilities, inner and outer balance is more necessary than ever. Here are a couple of articles on the heart side of coaching impact.



  • Case Studies

    Here are a few recent coaching engagements I've done...

    Culture Engagement

    I did a fairly comprehensive culture engagement with a B2C subscription model eCommerce company. They were at $11M in revenue, just got their first institutional round, and were about to scale rapidly. I worked with the team on these various project phases. Phase 1 was defining the culture - what core values drove the company? Phase 2 was integrating those values into the candidate experience during recruitment. Phase 3 was a workshop focused on teaching the crew how to interview for culture fit. Phase 4 was further integration of their culture into the onboarding process.

    Executive Coaching

    I did one -on-one Executive Coaching for the Chief People Person at a Foundry-funded tech startup,. This particular client had very strong success in her role and was trusted by the other executives. However, she was feeling a bit flat in her career, and had specific coaching goals surrounding increasing her impact and increasing her scope of influence. She was able to identify what was holding her back from her target, and modify the underlying belief, thus allowing her to reach her goal.

    VC Firm Portfolio Workshop

    I co-led a Content/Interactive workshop for a VC firm's entire portfolio of Founders at their annual offsite. The program covered the importance of both Leadership and Culture within startups. Each Founder was able to explore and experience some simple steps to create and integrate their culture, as well as getting a sense of the power of Leadership coaching, and its effect on employee engagement and the bottom line.

    Organizational Analysis

    For a rapidly scaling startup in the Health & Wellness space, I played a key role in the analysis and recommendations surrounding their Organization in the specific categories of Structure, Culture and Talent. This project included the identification of areas for improvement, as well as both quick wins and longer term approaches to effecting change.

  • Team

    Janine Davis

    Executive & Culture Coach

    Janine is an ex-technologist and startup founder of Fetch Recruiting, which does tech and product executive recruiting for Silicon Beach. A few years back, she started to coach and mentor startup founders, and found that to be her reason for being on our fine planet. She is now a Hudson-certified Executive Coach, a certified EQ Mentor, ICF-ACC certified, as well as being trained by and a Partner with Evolution. She's a connector, in every sense of the word, including her favorite way: connecting deeply with other humans. She sits on the board of Women Founders Network and Target Zero, and is a super volunteer for DEFY Ventures, which teaches entrepreneurism to incarcerated individuals. She’s also a mentor for Techstars LA and Stubbs Alderton’s Precellerator.


      Lorai Harris Jones

      Director of Operations

      Lorai Harris Jones has over 13 years of Operations experience in the Human Capital Industry. She has helped support large scale, national client relationships as well as remote workforces. She’s managed various administrative transitions and successfully maintained efficiency in all aspects of day-to-day operations. Lorai prides herself on putting 110% into everything that she does. She has a knack for solving problems and handling situations in a way that that exemplifies excellent customer service. Client satisfaction is her key driver and number one priority, and she has had countless accolades and compliments to that effect.


      Lorai was born in Boston, but raised in Los Angeles. She has a B.S. in Sociology, and has always been keenly interested in helping non-profit causes. She is very passionate about joining forces with organizations whose primary focus is animal welfare, child sex trafficking, victims and families of domestic violence, and advocating for the rights and protection of the elderly, specifically in nursing and convalescent homes

      Lorai loves interacting with people, watching episodes of Little House on the Prairie and spending time with family and friends. (* Yes, you read correctly, Little House on the Prairie!)


      Lorai supports Elemental by keeping our Founder's life in order & our clients happy!